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May doTERRA Specials

Promotions for the markets which involve my teams are found on this page, if you need info about other markets, contact me via this form  and I can help you out or explain how to find the info you need and would love to welcome you to our team! Here are the May Promos! Yay!!! 10% off products Australia and New Zealand Spikenard, a flowering plant of the Valerian family, is native to high altitudes in the sub-alpine and alpine regions of the Himalayan mountains. Spikenard essential oil is steam distilled from the roots of the plant and has been valued for centuries, traditionally used to anoint people of high honor and in the Ayurvedic health practices of India. Historically, Spikenard was used to uplift mood and promote relaxation. Spikenard promotes clean, healthy skin. Today, the oil is commonly used in perfumes and relaxing massage oils for its woody, musty scent. By sourcing Spikenard oil from Nepal, doTERRA is able to support much needed income streams for harvest
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