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Why did I picked dōTERRA, what's so good about them?

There are a number of essential oil companies out there, so you may be asking why should you go with dōTERRA?

Those of us involved with dōTERRA are really passionate about dōTERRA essential oils specifically for a number of reasons. The first being that they are absolutely beautiful oils and the second being that we have such great experiences using them. dōTERRA are actually the worlds number 1 Essential Oil company and they have an 85% customer retention rate, and once you get started with them it is not hard to see why!

There are a number of reasons why we love the oils aside from the great experiences we have with them.

A. dōTERRA reward you for shopping
dōTERRA have a great loyalty rewards program where you can earn your shipping costs back in points and earn a percentage of your entire order back in points to spend on more oils. These points accrue quickly! This is called the Loyalty Rewards Program.

B. dōTERRA Essential Oils are Safe
The main issue with essential oils and the other companies out there, is that there is no regulation of the industry. This means that companies can claim that their oils are 100% pure, but often they are topped up with synthetics making them unsuitable to be diffused, worn topically or taken internally. The synthetics and fillers make these other oils at best ineffective and at worst very unsafe. There are no fillers, synthetics, fragrances, perfumes, pesticides etc, just 100% pure Essential Oil when you use dōTERRA oils.

C. They are Effective
Because they are 100% pure and contain no fillers, theses oils are actually effective. Plants produce essential oils to fight threats such as mould, bacteria, fungus and viruses. These essential oils are extracted and bottled for us to use in the same way. The emotional support they offer is a bonus!

D. They are Affordable
Now you may look at the price of an individual oil, or a kit and think that they are expensive. Please keep in mind that a little goes a long way with these oils. The 15ml bottles contain around 250 drops of oil and the 5ml bottles contain about 80 drops. Because these oils are so pure, you only need a drop or two at a time - the bottles last a long time! If I break that down for an oil often used daily for example, Lavender, it is about 8 cents per drop. Or maybe 50 cents daily. If you look at it in another way, you also save money on what you are not spending on. Two drops of Peppermint and two drops of Frankincense for head tension is cheaper than buying a box of pain killers, and a couple of drops in your cooking is much cheaper than buying fresh.

E. Co-Impact Sourcing
dōTERRA source their oils from where the plant is native to. So the Tea Tree and Eucalyptus are from Australia, the Lemon is from Italy, the Lavender is from France and the Frankincense is from Africa for example. This means that the oils are the highest quality possible and the most effective - it makes sense that Lavender native to France would be a better product to Lavender farmed in Australia as it has the right soil, climate and environment to be an amazing plant!

Lots of the essential oils (such as Frankincense from Africa) come from regions facing economic and environmental difficulties or hardship. dōTERRA recognise this, and so work with those communities in a mutually beneficial and sustainable way. They call this co-impact sourcing. dōTERRA work with these communities and create jobs and improving incomes in areas where it is much needed. They develop long term partnerships with growers around the world and these partnerships transform the playing field for growers to improve their production and establish stable prices with a trustworthy long term buyer. dōTERRA also help farmers establish co-operatives to achieve common goals and higher quality. The co-operatives also ensure that growers receive fair payments on time. dōTERRA also has a foundation called the Healing Hands foundation. Healing Hands goes into these communities and funds the construction of schools, hospitals, community buildings and water systems to help empower growers and their families on a long term basis. This approach ensures dōTERRA has consistently beautiful product, while also helping communities in need.

Now that you have read all this, what is the main point that resonates with you?

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